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South Central PA for Tech

South Central Pennsylvania has many technical resources to help you acquire new skills and qualifications. It also has many job opportunities in various fields such as cyber security, data analytics, application development, and cloud computing. Additionally, it has a thriving technology community supported by various technology-focused groups and organizations which provides networking, events and resources for tech professionals and businesses.

Companies Need Tech Workers

Many companies within South Central PA are currently seeking to hire technology workers to fill in-demand roles. The region has experienced a surge in tech-related job openings, ranging from software developers, data analysts, network administrators, and cybersecurity experts in areas such as healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing. With the high demand for skilled technology workers, candidates with the right qualifications and skills can find excellent career opportunities.

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These Companies are Hiring!

These companies within South Central PA are currently seeking to hire technology workers to fill in-demand roles.

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South Central Pennsylvania companies are looking to hire skilled technology workers to fill positions for help desk technicians, cyber security experts, cloud technicians, application developers, and data analytics.
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Application Developer

A professional who designs and creates software applications for various platforms and devices.

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Cloud Technician

A professional who specializes in deploying, managing, and maintaining cloud computing systems.

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A career in cyber security typically begins with a degree in computer science and/or information security.

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A career in data analytics involves using data and analytical methods to extract insights and inform decision making.

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Help Desk Technician

A computer support specialist who provides technical assistance to customers and employees.

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